Welcome to the Official MineGlobe Server Store!

Welcome to the official MineGlobe Server Store. At our store you can purchase packages such as in-game ranks, godly lootboxes, crate keys, cosmetics, and more! You can also purchase our in-game currency: tokens. Tokens can be used to purchase crate keys, GKits, chat colors, and more through our in-game store (/tokenshop). 

When you purchase a package from MineGlobe, you are supporting our server! We put funds gained through the MineGlobe Server Store to implement new features, fix bugs, and create a better player experience for our whole playerbase. Thank you very much for purchasing a package from our store and we hope you have a good shopping experience. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us (see support below). 

Bedrock Players
MineGlobe offers Bedrock Edition cross-play so that all players are able to connect. If you are a bedrock user purchasing items on the MineGlobe Server Store, you must put an underscore (‘_’) before your in-game name to successfully complete a purchase to the correct account. Have questions or issues? Create a ticket in the official MineGlobe Discord (see support below). 

Example: if your Bedrock Edition username is headed, you must input _headed when purchasing a package.

Need any questions answered before checkout? Waited more than 10 minutes and your package still has not arrived? Create a ticket in the official MineGlobe Discord Guild ( and select the “Admin” category to get assistance. Do not share personal information (such as, but not limited to: address, credit card information, date of birth, etc.) in the MineGlobe Discord Guild.  

Support Email: [email protected]

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